Community of practice


Welcome to CTA’s Community of Practice (CoP) on Knowledge Management for Agriculture and Rural Development (KM4ARD). This CoP brings you an open space for knowledge sharing, learning, idea capture, innovations, and capacity development on KM4ARD.

What is this CoP about? How can you benefit from it?

CoPs are often described as an assembly of individuals who share a common interest and interact regularly to learn from each other to advance their work.

Though there are several approaches and case studies on how to conceptualise and apply CoPs by organisations involved in the development community, what seems to be essential, particularly in agriculture and rural development is for the community to build and nurture a common knowledge base to enable knowledge sharing and uptake for innovations around key projects and programmes. This CoP is about constructing a holistic and inclusive approach, developing actionable knowledge for innovations in agriculture.

What is particular about this CoP is that its target audience has a speciality related to KM, interest in agriculture and rural development concerns. Its members would play a role by interacting voluntarily among each other to find common solutions to problems. Members can learn from each other, discuss new ideas, emerging technologies, share and curate resources to improve their KM skills through collaborative learning.

There are already many CoPs in agriculture and rural development, but, this one tries to complement, encourage discussion to take place within the CoPs, but bring them to the attention of others when we see a potential for synergies. We aim to bring together the best of conversations in KM4ARD. It focuses on Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP) countries (but not limited to them), and reflects the issues relevant to the ACP communities in a global context, helping it members make sense of the information out there!

This community is where you bring to the attention of other communities, your synthesis of the conversations that can be beneficial to other groups, all this in an effort of Capitalising on our experiences, and adding to the knowledge base when it comes to how KM is applied for agriculture and rural development where there is a KM dimension to the conversation.

By joining this community, you will learn more about:

• KM as applied in the ACP regions
• Experience Capitalization in agriculture and rural development
• Capacity Development in KM4ARD
• KM methods and tools

Who can Join the CoP?

Potential community members involve professionals in development projects, government and non-governmental organizations, research institutes, farmer organizations and other interested organizations in the rural development sphere. The main categories of professionals could include: team leaders and managers, project technical staff (research, extension and rural development), monitoring and evaluation (m&e) officers, communication and information staff, knowledge management officers.