Sharing videos for training farmers: spreading agricultural innovations across the world through local languages

Israel Bionyi Nyoh

CTA is partnering with Access Agriculture, an international NGO which showcases agricultural training videos, to sponsor a two-day workshop/writeshop, which will be followed by a two-day conference as part of Access Agriculture week on 8–13 November in Nairobi, Kenya.

Agricultural extension workers around the world face many challenges. A particularly pressing one is the wide range of topics that they are expected to help farmers deal with. Questions range from basic production – crop, livestock, fisheries – though processing and storage, to business, finance and marketing issues.

Many different kinds of organisations – research institutes, universities, NGOs, extension services, companies, radio stations and farmer-based organisations – work to identify or develop suitable training materials for extension staff and the farmers with whom they work, and many of these resources include video materials.

This is the logic behind Access Agriculture, an international NGO which showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. Access Agriculture helps facilitate and build capacity for the production and translation of quality farmer-to-farmer training videos into local languages. They aim to improve access by youth, women, smallholder and marginalised farmers and users of natural resources to relevant knowledge through networks, partnerships, appropriate information and communication technologies and feedback mechanisms. In this way, they aim to help improve rural advisory services and agricultural education systems, help them value farmers’ knowledge and innovations, and encourage joint learning on sustainable agriculture and natural resource management.

CTA is partnering with Access Agriculture to sponsor a two-day workshop/writeshop with PhD and MSc students who have developed videos. The following day, these students will finalise their presentations in time for a two-day conference, with about 200 participants. As part of the conference, on 12 November, the Access Agriculture global prizes will be awarded.

Krishan Bheenick, CTA’s Senior Coordinator for Knowledge Management, will be a co-facilitator at the workshop/writeshop. There are also plans for CTA to develop a co-publication with Access Agriculture on their experiences developing and using videos for farming communities.


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