Publications on the impact of open data in the agricultural and nutrition sector

Laureene Reeves Ndagire

The Open Definition makes precise the meaning of “open” with respect to knowledge, promoting a robust commons in which anyone may participate, and interoperability is maximized. Knowledge is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness.

The GODAN initiative has shared publications about the impacts of open data in the agricultural and nutrition sector.

Below is a list of the latest publications:
Open Data and Smallholder Food and Nutritional Security . As members of GODAN, CTA and Alterra have published this  working paper which provides an overview of the current and potential use of open data in the context of smallholder farming.

The report was commissioned Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) as a member of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative. It aims to provide a better understanding of the actual impact of the open data movement on the food and nutrition security of smallholders and highlight the areas of potential unfilled opportunity. This study was carried out by Alterra as a rapid desk – based study to identify possible relevant sources of open data and determine the current and potential impact of these sources by assessing the content of the sources and possible applications.The sources identified were governments, meteorological and space agencies, international, science- based and non-governmental organisations and businesses. The impact was determined by looking at the applicability of the data to facilitate the smallholder ecosystem, specifically looking at the potential to enhance smallholder production, the value chain, support services and governance.
The study found that,despite the potential value of open data to smallholder farmers in developing countries being high, there are few readily available examples of direct impact on food and nutrition security of smallholders. However, there is a clear indirect benefit of open data usage for smallholders, including the contribution to better governance.
A special edition of CTA’s ICT update Issue 79 February 2015 focuses on the Data Revolution for Agriculture. It  features a story on GODAN’s first partner meeting held in January 2015.