South-South Knowledge Exchange - TOOLBOX

Laureene Reeves Ndagire

Every knowledge exchange initiative is a blend of instruments, activities, and delivery modes.

This toolbox is your resource to plan for and select an appropriate mix to help participants realize their desired intermediate outcomes. It includes brief descriptions, practical how-tos, and case examples for a range of instruments and activities introduced in step 3 of this guide.

The toolbox has two sections:
Section 1: Instruments provide a detailed description of each instrument (vehicles for knowledge exchange), when and how to use it, and case examples.

Section 2: Activities provide detailed description of each activity (building blocks of instruments) when and how to use it, and case examples.

This is a living library of resources and we welcome any addition that could be of benefit to the community. If you have specialized resources for any instrument and would like to share them with this community, please submit these resources for clearance to:

Please select an instrument or activity to find the resources associated with it:

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