The KMC Programme at CTA

Laureene Reeves Ndagire

The Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Programme contributes to CTAs strategic goal: Enhancing ACP capacities in information, communication and knowledge management (ICKM) for agricultural and rural development.

KMCs activities are organised under two master projects, namely:

  1. Communications, multimedia publishing and dissemination for agricultural and rural development
  2. Strengthening methodologies, skills and tools for knowledge management.

Efforts in implementing the activities of these master projects aim to complement those carried out under the Policies, Markets and ICTs (PMI) programme, and ensure greater collective impact of CTAs activities on the ground. For example, to engage effectively in ARD policy processes, ACP organisations and individuals need to be empowered through skills development to form a community around an ARD issue, access relevant information on ongoing debates, and to articulate their messages and express their views.

The master project on communications, multimedia publishing and dissemination for ARD, addresses the following:

  • The publishing policy gives priority to capitalising on those activities within the framework of the thematic programmes through publications and magazines (in all formats) on key issues related to ARD policy and value chain development, as well as Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for ARD.
  • The distribution policy gives priority to the distribution of electronic products (to subscribers who cannot access easily the Internet) and more systematic data collection on the behaviour of readers and internet users and how they are using the products. An important aim is to lay the foundation for the long-term sustainability of the service through: (i) updated lists of subscribers and better targeting of the distribution of information products, and (ii) development and diversification of online and offline offer (e.g. the TEEAL database).
  • Communication activities aim at promoting: (i) activities implemented by CTA and its ACP partners (events, products and other activities) which henceforth are included in specific communication plans, and (ii) the image, mission, activities and overall products & services offering of CTA through a new corporate website, e-newsletters, and increased content on social media.

The master project on strengthening of methodologies, skills and tools for knowledge management, comprises three pillars:

  1. Providing methods and strengthening capacity for the adoption of knowledge management strategies and practices in ACP organisations. This will include: (i) the continued development of training materials, and (ii) using these tools not only in the framework of the KM audit of partner organisations but also for the deployment of online platforms.
  2. Deploying online tools and services to facilitate the management, exchange and integration of content, including content produced ACP partners. This will: (i) the development of tools to easily deploy, upscale, back-up and migrate sites and the sharing of such experiences with partners, and (ii) the performance tracking of user interaction metrics.
    1. Developing virtual spaces (online platforms and resources) to serve partners and networks involved in agricultural policies and value chains by providing a tool to dialogue on important issues and to facilitate the development of communities of practice.